Royalty Free Color Bald Eagle Photos - Set #1
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$349 each or All 20 Images on CDROM for $995

Royalty Free Bald Eagle photos.  Beautiful stock pictures of Eagles, many inflight and soaring. clipart, images, high resolution

John Herron - Eagle Stock Images
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All 20 Color Images on CDROM for only $995 

These Royalty Free stock photos of Eagles can be used for nearly any business or personal use (see below).  No additional fees when your company grows and you want to produce millions of catalogs, brochures, etc.   And no time limits, use the images for as long as your company exists (see details and license below).  Order below.

Each royalty free image is saved at 300 dpi cropped to 8.5" x 6.5" (approximate) and results in a full RGB color 12-15 meg (uncompressed) file,  perfect for full page print use.   The fee is $349 per image (or all 20 images for $995).  This rate is far below standard stock photography rates, even for one use (eg; this rate is less than industry standard stock photography rates for a 1/4 page press run of 5,000 brochures!).   The thumbnails above are linked to approximately 800x600 pixel images that can be used to judge quality.  The high resolution images that you will receive are approximately 2700x1600 pixels and contain no text or watermarks.   If you need to see a high resolution cut out section of the image to further judge quality (will include at least part of the eagle's head) one can be sent to you for $25 per image (non-refundable).  If you need a higher resolution of a particular image please contact us for cost and availability.

The catch?  To qualify for this rate your company must have under 100 employees and gross less than one million dollars per year.    If your company is larger than this please contact me for a very competitive rate (which can include a royalty free agreement).  Larger companies that can restrict use to one department may even qualify for the same rate!   For non-profits this is your total yearly operating budget.

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To order an image please make note of the image number (click on thumbnail above to view a larger image which contains the order number).  The secure order form on the next page will prompt you for all necessary information.   You must also read the  full license agreement before ordering



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