Flying Bald Eagle
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American Bald Eagle flying over a half frozen lake. A very clear photo shot on ultra fine grain film.  This is one of my favorite photos.

You can now order true photography prints up to 12x18" of this beautiful and dramatic picture, or you can special order larger prints up to 20x30".  All bald eagle prints contain no wording and are use real photographic paper meant to last decades.

JPEG files displayed here are saved with 20-30% compression, image quality on the net do not do the originals justice.  This photo contains a light watermark to deter unauthorized usage.

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graphics/be-fly4h.jpgThis is a cut out of the same image above at 1020x691 resolution. Note the detail, especially in the Eagle's eye. This image could have been scanned at many times that resolution and would have shown even greater detail. The original is as sharp as if it was taken in a studio.

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