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A little information about the photographer.

Mike Fontaine was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1959. I started taking photos at about age 10, at age 20 I sold my motorcycle & bought my first 35 mm camera. Since that time I have traveled all over the world looking for adventure and photo opportunities. Some of my adventures include living in the Australian bush studying Koalas, motorcycling through Australia’s Northern territories, canoeing in crocodile infested waters, scuba diving on the great barrier reef. I lived with a full grown mountain lion, was chased by moose in Alaska, tracked wolves in Minnesota, wrestled bears, have been rock climbing, sky diving, etc.

During these travels I have been kicked by a kangaroo, bitten by a leopard, jumped on by a Bengal tiger cub, had a mountain lion wrap it’s mouth around my throat, ran out of air 40 feet under water while scuba diving, caught a very poisonous snake (didn't realize it was poisonous until the next day)....

One of the things that I enjoy the most is talking with the people I meet on my travels, every one has a story to tell, some are exciting, some are funny, some are heart warming. The friendships are priceless.

The photos seen on the "net" are a fraction of the pictures taken over the years.  I've enjoyed taking every one of them!!  I hope you like what you see!

Mike Fontaine - Photographer

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