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  • be2f1^ - 2 Bald Eagles in Formation
  • benst1^ - Eagle Eye
  • beful2^ - Bald Eagle Bust
  • beb514336-18n^ - Bald Eagle Bust
  • befl10^ - Screaming Eagle!
  • imfl1^ - Immature Eagle In-Flight
  • betln4^ - Dramatic Eagle Landing
  • bebst3^ - Tough Eagle
  • befly13^ - Bald Eagle with Talons Down

be2f1^ - 2 Bald Eagles in Formation

be2f1^ - 2 Bald Eagles in Formation                 More
be2f1^ - 2 Bald Eagles in Formation Watch your back, competition is close at hand. It would appear as if the rear eagle is about to attack the one in front, and the one in front is keeping an eye on him. That wasn't the case but it makes for a good story. Two American Bald Eagles soaring high with blue sky background.


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