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  • bef062635-40n^ - Beautiful Bald Eagle In-Flight
  • bepch3^ - Mountain Top Eagle Looking Down
  • beful1^ - Proud Eagle Looking Directly at Camera
  • bewng^ - Fishing Eagle With Outstretched Wings
  • bebst10^ - Proud Eagle
  • bef12^ - Stern Looking Bald Eagle In-Flight
  • befl14^ - Bald Eagle Diving for Food
  • bebst7^ - Contemplating Bald Eagle
  • bef15^ - In-flight Bald Eagle

bef15^ - In-flight Bald Eagle

                bef15^ - In-flight Bald Eagle More
bef15^ - In-flight Bald Eagle This in-flight bald eagle is looking directly at the camera, very closeup and clear (see inset). One sometimes takes risks their own life when photographing eagles, they really don't like humans in their environment.


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