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  • bef062635-40n^ - Beautiful Bald Eagle In-Flight
  • bepch3^ - Mountain Top Eagle Looking Down
  • beful1^ - Proud Eagle Looking Directly at Camera
  • bewng^ - Fishing Eagle With Outstretched Wings
  • bebst10^ - Proud Eagle
  • bef12^ - Stern Looking Bald Eagle In-Flight
  • befl14^ - Bald Eagle Diving for Food
  • bebst7^ - Contemplating Bald Eagle
  • bef15^ - In-flight Bald Eagle

befl14^ - Bald Eagle Diving for Food

            befl14^ - Bald Eagle Diving for Food     More
befl14^ - Bald Eagle Diving for Food In this photo the bald eagle is diving for its afternoon meal. You see it just transitioning from flying to swooping, thus the odd wing and talon positioning.


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