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  • befly1 - Eagle Photo In-flight
  • befly2 - Bald Eagle Photo
  • becl1 - Bald Eagle Photo
  • bef03 - Bald Eagle Photo - in-flight
  • betl02 - Bald Eagle Photo
  • bepch2 - Bald Eagle Perched
  • behd9 - Bald Eagle Passport Photo
  • bepch1^ - Bald Eagle Perched On Dry Grass
  • behd1 - Bald Eagle photo

bepch2 - Bald Eagle Perched

          bepch2 - Bald Eagle Perched       More
bepch2 - Bald Eagle Perched Cocky looking perched bald eagle. Looks like he wants to sell you something or perhaps impart some street wise words of wisdom. Bald Eagles are very cunning. The photo shows the eagle sitting on dry grass with blue choppy water in the background.

The photo was shot in the wilds of Alaska on 35mm film and professionally scanned to a high resolution digital file.


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