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  • befly2 - Bald Eagle Photo
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  • bef03 - Bald Eagle Photo - in-flight
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  • bepch1^ - Bald Eagle Perched On Dry Grass
  • behd1 - Bald Eagle photo

befly1 - Eagle Photo In-flight

befly1 - Eagle Photo In-flight                 More
befly1 - Eagle Photo In-flight American bald eagle photo. The eagle in this image is in-flight and with a brilliant blue sky and cloud background. Its head is turned directly at the camera (as seen in the inset). The image detail on the bald eagle's head is excellent, due to shadowing there isn't a lot of detail on the eagle's wings on the underside (this is to be expected). The wings are fully stretched and extend almost fully frame.

The image was originally taken on Kodachrome 35mm and expertly scanned to a very high resolution digital.


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