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  • befly1 - Eagle Photo In-flight
  • befly2 - Bald Eagle Photo
  • becl1 - Bald Eagle Photo
  • bef03 - Bald Eagle Photo - in-flight
  • betl02 - Bald Eagle Photo
  • bepch2 - Bald Eagle Perched
  • behd9 - Bald Eagle Passport Photo
  • bepch1^ - Bald Eagle Perched On Dry Grass
  • behd1 - Bald Eagle photo

becl1 - Bald Eagle Photo

    becl1 - Bald Eagle Photo             More
becl1 - Bald Eagle Photo Bald Eagle with talons down and extended. This image was taken in the wild as the eagle was coming down for a landing. The eagle was unaware that I was hiding below taking photos; right after this picture was taken the eagle noticed me hiding with the camera and I think we both almost had a heart attack as it did its best to fly away.


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