Australian Kangaroo Photos

Kangaroo photo (KANG1) - picture of it hopping across beach.   Kangaroo-01        ©John Herron
Australian Kangaroo picture taken on a West Australia beach against the sunset.   Click on thumbnail to view an enlarged photo.

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Picture of kangaroo on beach with sunset and ocean in background - kangaroo-01b~.jpg (6600 bytes)   kangaroo-01b             ©John Herron

Kangaroo picture with sunset and ocean in the background.  Taken in beautiful West Australia.

Beautiful prints of this Kangaroo image are now available. 





kangaroo with australian sunset [kang01-027]  kang01-027.htm             ©John Herron

Picture of Kangaroo with sunset directly behind.   Beautiful sunset photo even without the kangaroo.

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kang2237065-23~.jpg (5551 bytes)  kang2237065-23~.jpg             ©John Herron

Picture of a Kangaroo in the beautiful Australian outback.  Photo was taken in northern West Australia.  




Kangaroo Photo (KANG2) Kangaroo-02       ©John Herron
Australian Kangaroo taken in the West Australian outback.

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