Picture of Kangaroo Silhouetted against Australian Sunset

Picture of Kangaroo with Australia Sunset  #kang01-027 - Dramatic kangaroo picture.  Order your 11x14" print of this beautiful image today.

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Kangaroo silhouetted against a beautiful Australian sunset.  Picture was taken in northern West Australia.  I caught this photo just as the sun was setting behind the Kangaroo.   A truly one of a kind photo.  Royalty Free license available for commercial use.

Prints of this Kangaroo photo are now available!   High quality long life prints printed on true acid free glossy photography paper,   8x10" and 11x14" prints.  Free from any of the wording on the picture above.  Credit cards gladly accepted, privacy and security assured.  Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

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Kangaroo photo / clipart - Image #kang01-027