Picture of Kangaroo Silhouetted against Sunset

Kangaroo Picture with Australia Sunset  #kang01b - Very dramatic kangaroo photo.  West Australian sunset photo.   Order your prints today.

Image #kangaroo-01b
John Herron - Eagle Stock Images

Kangaroo silhouetted against a beautiful sunset with ocean in the background.  Photo was taken in northern West Australia.  The kangaroo is looking towards the camera trying to figure out what I was doing on this lonely stretch of beach laying in kangraoo dung.   A very dramatic photo.

Prints of this Kangaroo photo are now available!   High quality long life prints printed on true acid free glossy photography paper,   8x10" and 11x14" prints.  Free from any of the wording on the image above.   Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

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Kangaroo photo / clipart - Image #kang01b