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A koala bear is probably one of the most docile and cuddly animals on earth. No great adventures in my quest for these photos, but I would like to thank the West Australia Perth zoo for their cooperation and assistance. Its easy to understand why so many people love koala bears. A koala is so timid and trusting, unlike any other animal I can think of. I hope to have links to many interesting web pages of koala information.  And, yes, we do know that Koalas are not technically bears (they're "marsupials").  However that's what most yanks like to call them. Stock photography Koala images are available for commercial license.   After viewing the images be sure to see the links to other sites below.   Looking for information, have a school report due?   Check out the Australia Koala Foundation.   See below for over 2 dozen beautiful Koala Bear pictures!

2014 Monthly Wall Calendar - Koala Bears

2014 Koala Calendars

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Koala Bear 1 Stock Photo

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A very nice picture taken using high resolution low grain film. These pictures are as clear and detailed as they come.

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Koala Bear 2 stock photography image

"koala 2"      Prints - Purchase this cute Image
The cutest Baby Koala. Taken using a high resolution film for fine detail and rich color saturation. Scans of this photo are exceptionally clear.

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Koala Bear 3 - stock photography image

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Another Koala sitting in a tree, I don't think they ever come down!  Looks like he's about ready for a nap. Very clear and colorful photo.  (Koalas do come down from the trees sometimes making them vulnerable to dog attacks and automobiles.  See Australia Koala Foundation for more information).

Koala Bear #4 - stock koala bear picture graphic image

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Young Koala high up in a tree. Close up with a bright blue sky background. Crystal clear high resolution image.

Royalty Free Koala "Bear" images are now available for license.

Koala 5 - photo image graphic photography

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Very young baby koala bear (ok technically its a "marsupial"). Very cute picture.  Click on the photo to the left for a higher resolution full 16 million color version!


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koala 6 - stock photography image royalty free koala photos

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Baby Koala Bear nursing from its mother.

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KOALA BEAR 7 - STOCK PHOTO Australia commercial pictures

"koala 7"    
A very nice picture of a mother koala and her baby. Their expressions look so human. Beautiful color and contrast. Click on the Koala picture at left to see a larger image.

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Koala 8 - stock photo

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Darling picture of a baby koala peeking through a fork in the tree.

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Feel free to download any koala picture you see here for your own personal use (see restrictions).  Commercial use is not allowed with out written permission and under license of Eagle Stock Images.  All images on this page are thumbnails to larger photos. If colors on the thumbnails appear dithered it is because they are in 16 million (24bit) colors and your video card is set to 256 colors or less. Set your video card to 32k mode (if available) or higher to avoid noticeable dithering of images. All photos have had their resolution and color depth reduced for public distribution. Some photos have had  noise added to prevent unauthorized use.   Images are available as stock photography for commercial use.  Please use my quote request form to supply the necessary information.



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