Photo of a Koala Bear in a Tree

Koala Bear Photo #koala1699279-22  - Koala's are so beautiful.   You can have this beautiful picture hanging on your living room wall.

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John Herron - Eagle Stock Images

A beautiful Koala Bear resting in a tree.   The Koala is soo cute it looks just like a Teddy Bear,  but as most people know a Koala really isn't a "bear".    High Quality Long Life prints of this Koala photo are now available!   Satisfaction Guaranteed!

The Koala is one of only 3 mammals which can survive on a diet of eucalytus leaves. Eucalyptus leaves are extremely poisonous to most animals. Nature has equipped koala bears with a very slow metabolic rate that allows koalas to survive on such a diet.   This image is part of our Koala Screen Saver.

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Koala photo - Image #koala1699279-22