Handsome Picture of Koala Bear

Koala Bear Pictures #koala2237067-31 - Koala's are so cute.   You can have this wonderful picture hanging on your den wall.

Image #koala2237067-31
John Herron - Eagle Stock Images

A very smart looking Koala Bear.   No wonder people think of the Koala as a "bear" it's so cute it looks just like a Teddy Bear.  But as most people know a Koala really isn't a "bear".    High Quality Long Life prints of this Koala photo are now available!   Satisfaction Guaranteed!  This image is part of the  Koala Screen Saver.

The breeding season for koalas is from Sept. to March. This is also when the young Joey's from the previous year start to leave their mothers.

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Koala photo - Image #koala2237067-31