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Large copyright on thumbnails below is not on the actual screen saver pictures!!

Patriotic Bald Eagle Picture - patriot eagleRemembering those lost at the New York World Trade Center.  Picture of a Patriotic American EagleGeneral Patton Quote - Included in the Free Patriotism Screen Saver.  Registration gives you 9 more pictures! Vietnam warGod Bless America Song Lyrics - Eagle Stock Images Screen Saver.  Statue of Liberty and American Flag picture.
Pentagon Picture with Flag and Bald Eagle photos - Prints available of every patriotic picture on this page!Understanding - White and Black American Bald Eagle - Nature's own diversity. From Patriot Eagle Screen SaverUnited We Stand - screen saver picture with bald eagle and USA flag.  One of my favorite eagle pictures!  Patriotic picture with flag and american eagle.Vigilance - American Eagle peering through grass with flag background. Moving picture.
Liberty Rising - Picture of american bald eagle and New York Statue of Liberty.  Smoke in the background of new york world trade centerFreedom Will Prevail - Picture of a Bald Eagle with US Flag - From patriotism screen saver.Eternal Vigilance - American Eagle picture looking out over bay. Picture of Bald Eagle from our new patriotic screen saver.Strength, Honor, and Justice - Bald Eagle and USA flag from the screen saver.  Free screen saver evaluation version also available. Patriotic picture of USA flag and eagle.
Benjamin Franklin quote on Freedom and Secuity.  Includes one of my best Bald Eagle pictures.  Part of the Patriotic Bald Eagle Screen Saver.  For true american patriots.Fear No Evil - bald eagle head, closeup and very clear.  Its one of several pictures in the patriotic bald eagle screen saver.  One of my favorite patriotic pictures.Proud American - very closeup flying bald eagle with partially frozen blue lake in the background.  You can see the detail in every feather! "Proud American" wording uses USA Flag colored font.Please Register your Patriot Eagle Screen Saver today and enjoy all 15 bald eagle pictures in minutes!
ALL IMAGES © 2001 John Herron Eagle Stock Images.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Large copyright on thumbnails above is not on the actual screen saver pictures!!

  • These patriotic pictures can be used as Windows Wallpaper!   With wallpaper changer.  Download  /  Purchase
  • VERY Easy to Install nothing else needed.  Easy uninstall. 
  • Register and the screen saver can play your own music files!  Can play MIDI, WAV and now plays MP3 file formats!   Use music from your own CD collection or download patriotic music from the links below.  Including a wonderful new version of God Bless America.   Up to 200 music files can be added!   You can use utilities such as the free version of MusicMatch to convert songs from your CD collection to WAV or MP3 format.  The music starts playing when the screen saver comes on.  I love this feature!  Links to FREE downloadable Patriotic Music listed below.
  • Register and you can use your own images in the screen saver!   That's right, you can easily create your own screen saver from your own images!  Don't worry, the pictures included won't get lost.  How's that for protecting your investment!

Special one of a kind metal license plate holders, 8 different models. Order now for Christmas! 


  • Play music files in a random order or usable definable.  Or Mute all audio. 
  • You can adjust how long each image displays. Display images in order or a random order. 
  • Optionally shows time of day, and the screen position is adjustable.  I personally like this option.
  • Works with Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/Win2000/XP.  A VERY well behaved application.
  • Lifetime Free upgrades.  Also if new patriotic pictures are added you get them for free!
  • You can also order prints from any of the screen saver pictures.  Just reference the image by the wording on the photo.  NEW!  License Plate holder, Patriotic Hats, Mouse pads, t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.  All Bald Eagle photos brought to you directly from the photographer, John Herron.

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"I very much like the screensaver, the images you have used are excellent. I like them so much I have ordered three prints from the screensaver for my office.  Great work!"     -  Ken W.
"A very lovely screen saver !!! Great color and graphics ! Well worth the money!  Look forward to seeing more GREAT stuff on your site. Thanks again."  -  Karen C.
"The program loaded without a problem. I have installed dozens of Zipped programs and this is by far the slickest one ever. Thanks"   - Les L.
"I love this patriotic eagle screensaver and wallpaper. I would like to register, in order to receive the remaining nine shots"  -  Susan C.
"The updated version has turned a great screensaver into an "awesome/quality" screensaver. The way it was originally meant to be seen.  Thanks again for the great job you have done! I'M SURE, I'm not the only one that appreciates your work!!! "  - Michael B.

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Downloading the shareware screen saver allows you to try before you buy:   The only limitation is you get 3 pictures rather than 15!  There are no time restrictions for personal use.  There are no known issues or bugs with this version (v1.10).  Please don't forget to come back here to purchase the remaining 12 photos, you're going to download them anyway.   Give it a test run and see how you like it!  I think for   $9.99    you'll definitely want the rest of the photos!   When you register there is no need to download againentering the registration key will unlock all images (you've already got them!).  The registration code will also get rid of the nag screen and unlock additional features.   Simple installation instructions below. 

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Please Send me your Comments and Suggestions.   Don't forget to stop by our main site and view the dozens of other Bald Eagle pictures!    

The Very Easy Install Instructions:

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How to enter your Registration code and Configuring your Screen Saver Options:

Patriot Eagle Screen Saver Credits and Links to Downloadable Music:

NEW!  Patriotic Hats, Coffee Mugs, Mouse pads, t-shirts etc. 


Copyright Information:

Eagle photos, Mountain picture, composite images, design and text  Copyright © 2001 - 2003 John Herron / Eagle Stock Images.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  Some picture elements Copyrighted (©) PhotoDisk and Corel.  You are granted permission to to use this screen saver and the included patriotic pictures on one home and one office computer for the purposes of a Windows screen saver and desktop wallpaper.   To use the screen saver in a business environment you need to register within 30 days or uninstall.   You are not allowed to provide copies of the registered version, or the registration key, to anyone else.  The shareware 3 picture version can be freely distributed if unaltered in anyway.  The images may not be used for any other purpose without express written permission of Eagle Stock Images.  There are no exceptions.   

Revision History

1.20    Lowered price to $9.95, updated help and read me files.

1.10    Added 3 new pictures!  Now featuring a total of 15 patriotic pictures.  This is a FREE Upgrade.  Simply uninstall the old version via the control panel (Add Remove Programs), download the new version, install per above instructions,  enter your original registration key.  Be sure to let me know what you think of the new photos!  Also fixed a misspelling and updated some of the documentation.

1.00c    Fixed problems with the Setup.exe install program.  On some computers using 800x600 for screen resolution the setup would fail with "Invalid Property Handle".   You could work around this problem by setting the display to 1024x768 and re-running the setup.   This problem is now fixed and install works fine at all resolutions 800x600 and up!   (Note:  These pictures look their best if you use 24 or 32 bit color).

1.00b    Revised the install program so you only have to run one EXE program.  v1.00 required you to run the self-extracting ZIP executable, and then find and run the Setup.exe program.   Now all you have to do is run the "Patriot Eagle 2001.EXE" program and follow the on screen instructions.

1.00    Initial release.


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