Show your patriotism and support of our troops.  Order any item from my website and you'll receive the registered version of my Patriotic Eagle Screen Saver for free!   Simply place your paid order and send me an eMail message saying that you support our troops (whether you support the war or not).  Within 12 - 48 hours I'll eMail you a registration code that will unlock all 15 images.


Fine Print:

  1. You will need to download the shareware screen saver to install the registration code.
  2. If paying by check please wait until you receive the item before eMailing for the registration code.
  3. Sorry,  no after refunds if you've already purchased the screen saver.  However if you've purchased the Patriotic Eagle Screen Saver in the last 45 days I'll send you a registration code for the natural setting screen saver if you purchase something new.
  4. Please display the purchased item and screen saver proudly. 


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