Welcome to Eagle Stock Images!  I think you'll find the most unique and original eagle photos anywhere. These photos are in very low circulation and my guess is you've never seen any of them before coming here, am I right?  Eagle Stock Images is owned and managed by John Herron,  the photographer of all the Bald Eagle photos and many of the other photos you'll find here.  On the pages that follow you will find a meticulous selection of images, mostly wildlife, nature, scenic and travel. Unique and original photos.

Our small size allows us to personalize the attention we can give you and the selection of images we represent. The originals are high quality, high resolution, and low circulation.   All images are available in high resolution 4000 dpi scans (made on a Nikon Super Coolscan 4000 ED), 50 -100mb drum scans are also available.  The license fees have their roots in traditional stock photography but are far more flexible and less expensive.  For instance, I  offer a "logo license" that allows almost unlimited use of an image when its used to create a company or product logo.  This type of license can save hundreds of dollars over traditional stock photo fees.

All photos on this website are copyrighted material and all rights are reserved.  This means you must have permission to use the photos in any way that does not fall under the limited rights granted by the "fair use" clause of the copyright law.   Please see my page of copyright information before copying any photos.  Licenses are available for any nearly any business related use.

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