Royalty Free Bald Eagle CDROM.

The most unique and original eagle photos anywhere. These photos are in very low circulation and my guess is you've never seen any of them before coming here, am I right?

I'm proud to release my first ROYALTY FREE CDROM. If you have purchased a CD with Eagle's from someone else you were probably disappointed with the quality, the photos were probably out of focus and grainy.  You won't find that here, these are some of my best images. All of the photos were taken by the company owner, John Herron. John has thousands of eagle photos but unless the image is top notch you'll never see it.  Half of the images on this CD-ROM have never been seen before, the other half are here on the website.  Rare royalty free photos that can be used for nearly any business or personal purpose.  The license is very liberal and for the cost of licensing any one of these images you can now have all of them!  ( Color Royalty Free Bald Eagle Images now available )

Most royalty free CDROM's simply include a scan of the photos.   This one takes you from concept, through design, to the printer in the shortest time possible.  File formats included on the CD include; PhotoShop PSD, Corel CPT, EPS, TIFF, JPEG, and GIF.  Clipping paths, objects, alpha channels, and masks of the Bald Eagle are included in the formats that support each feature.  A second GIF file is also included showing the Bald Eagle with a transparent background.    If you're buying grayscale images of Bald Eagles you're probably wanting to use the Eagle, not the background.  So I've made it as easy as possible for you to separate the Eagle from the background to use with your own art work. Simply cut and paste the eagle it's self right in to your art work.  The eagle can still be used with the background if you need it. See below for more details.

Royalty Free Photos of Bald Eagles on CDROM

This royalty free CDROM contains 20 grayscale images, each saved at a minimum of 5" (long side) at 150dpi, approximately 1.2 meg in size (uncompressed).  Perfect for a company logo, stationary, business cards, advertising, brochures, etc.  All images are sharp and clear (the thumbnails above don't do them justice). You should read the online license to see how royalty free photos can work for you. 

ONLY  $195 + $4.95 shipping. (Less than my competitors minimum license fee for one usage!)

You can use the secure order form and a credit card to order now  (we accept Visa, MC, AmEx, and Discover). Or fax your order to 612-677-3093.  This CDROM is only available direct from John Herron at Eagle Stock Images.  

For many uses grayscale photos are exactly what is needed, but if you need one of these images in color please contact me for a quote using the online quote form

Royalty Free Color Images are now available for selected images.

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