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Welcome to my website!  I think you’ll find the most unique and original eagle photos anywhere. All photos are in very low circulation and my guess is you’ve never seen any of them before coming here, am I right?

Eagle Stock Images is a small personal stock photography company. Our small size allows us to personalize the attention we give our clients and the selection of images we represent. The originals are high quality, high resolution, and meticulously selected.

Eagle Stock Images was formed in 1997 by John Herron and is registered in the state of Minnesota, Dakota County.

John has been involved in stock photography since 1983 working through two nationally known stock agencies. One of these agencies continue to represent a small number of his photos but the best are right here. As you have probably noticed John likes Bald Eagles! You will probably find more clear, high resolution Bald Eagle photos here than anywhere else, and all of them were shot in wilds of Alaska.

Our goal is to specialize in unique images. Images you won’t find on a $39 CDROM or duplicated and represented by a dozen stock agencies. Today’s advertising market is being flooded with “me to” images.  Many companies are starting to recognize that in this environment its all too possible to have the same photo being used by competitors. Or worse, having the picture used by another company that brings an undesirable association (would a baby formula company want a tobacco company using the same image?). In today’s world of mass market CDROM’s this is all too likely.

We’re currently expanding our educational links for schools and students. Each day we get requests for more wildlife information. The new links and information will be designed to answer these questions and we’re happy to provide this service.

At Eagle Stock Images we strive to bring you only the best quality images with the ease of being able to view and select your image right here on Web!

Thank you visiting and we hope to hear from you soon.

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