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  • becl4^ - Bald Eagle Landing With Talons Down
  • bebst9 - Bald Eagle Staring At Camera
  • be2f2^ - Two Eagles Soaring In Formation
  • befly17^ - Bald Eagle In-Flight High Over Ocean Bay
  • beful3b^ - Eagle On A Stick
  • bef78267^ - Bald Eagle With Talons Down
  • bef035029-27 - Bald Eagle Surprised In-Flight
  • beb063419-32^ - Bald Eagle Perched On Snow Covered Bluff
  • beb858017-10^ - Bald Eagle Wading Through Icy Water

bebst9 - Bald Eagle Staring At Camera

  bebst9 - Bald Eagle Staring At Camera               More
bebst9 - Bald Eagle Staring At Camera Photo of a bald eagle staring menacingly at the camera, it obviously didn't want me coming up behind it but hadn't quite figured out yet what to do about it.

For licensing information please use the contact link on the lower right side of the page. All photos are copyrighted Eagle Stock Images / John Herron, all rights reserved.


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