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  • becl4^ - Bald Eagle Landing With Talons Down
  • bebst9 - Bald Eagle Staring At Camera
  • be2f2^ - Two Eagles Soaring In Formation
  • befly17^ - Bald Eagle In-Flight High Over Ocean Bay
  • beful3b^ - Eagle On A Stick
  • bef78267^ - Bald Eagle With Talons Down
  • bef035029-27 - Bald Eagle Surprised In-Flight
  • beb063419-32^ - Bald Eagle Perched On Snow Covered Bluff
  • beb858017-10^ - Bald Eagle Wading Through Icy Water

bef035029-27 - Bald Eagle Surprised In-Flight

            bef035029-27 - Bald Eagle Surprised In-Flight     More
bef035029-27 - Bald Eagle Surprised In-Flight Soaring Bald Eagle surprised in mid-air. It isn't often that eagle comes eye to eye with a human while in mid-flight. A one of a kind photo. The eagle is a great symbol of America and freedom everywhere. This photo was taken completely in the wilds of Alaska with no signs of man.


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