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  • bef062635-40n^ - Beautiful Bald Eagle In-Flight
  • bepch3^ - Mountain Top Eagle Looking Down
  • beful1^ - Proud Eagle Looking Directly at Camera
  • bewng^ - Fishing Eagle With Outstretched Wings
  • bebst10^ - Proud Eagle
  • bef12^ - Stern Looking Bald Eagle In-Flight
  • befl14^ - Bald Eagle Diving for Food
  • bebst7^ - Contemplating Bald Eagle
  • bef15^ - In-flight Bald Eagle

bepch3^ - Mountain Top Eagle Looking Down

  bepch3^ - Mountain Top Eagle Looking Down               More
bepch3^ - Mountain Top Eagle Looking Down An extremely rare photo of an eagle perched high up on a mountain looking down over an Alaskan bay.

The Bald Eagle is looking down from a very high vantage point over its territory. Ocean and mountains in background. This is a very thought inspiring photo. This is one of those 'putting your life on the line' type photos as I was literally inches away from a sheer drop.


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